There is much to be gained from learning advanced comfort measures. There are many interventions offered today as standard procedure. You can feel good about the decisions you make regarding the birth of your child if you are an informed consumer with a full understanding of the benefits and risks to each choice you will be faced with. Knowledge is power.

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Topic List:

Class 1:
Informed Consent
The Labor Coach 101
Pain Medication
Comfort Measures 101
            Relaxation, Breathing and Massage Techniques

Class 2:
Labor Overview – First Stage Labor
Birth Environment
The Labor Coach 201
Comfort Measures 201
          Acupressure, Positions for 1st stage labor, Pressure Techniques, words of affirmation, using water for comfort

Class 3:
Labor Overview – Second Stage Labor
Birth planning & Know Your Options
Advanced Comfort measures & Coaching 
          Positions for back labor, Pushing Positions, Rebozo, Aromatherapy

Class 4:
Advanced techniques for labor and birth
Doula support 

Advanced Comfort Measures & Coaching



Sacred Feminine Birthing

Reigniting the wisdom of the feminine in pregnant women for the birthing process of new souls. This will be a combination of digital learning coupled with LIVE classes from the instructor .

(This class is being moved to a digital format. More details to come.) 

This Childbirth Class focuses on the importance of a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, and healthy family. We emphasize the important role of a labor partner (or other supportive individual) as the birth coach, who supports the mother throughout pregnancy, birth, and beyond. You and your coach will feel well prepared even in the event of complications. In my classes you will learn about:

• Training for your partner, so that he or she can provide you with loving support while acting as your informed advocate 
• Natural breathing
• Relaxation techniques for pain management
•The emotional stages of labor
•Connecting with each other and the baby