Just For Dads Testimonials:

"For Fathers - This class is totally worth it. if you are all about assisting/coaching your wife in having a natural birth and having the tools to get her through the birthing process, this class is for you. I feel more knowledgeable, better prepared to help my wife through labor, and more confident in doing the right thing at the right time. Julie is an amazing instructor and makes the class fun and comfortable. as soon as a guy hears birthing classes they freak out. you don't have to with this class. I learned a lot, mu wife and I both loved it, and the time flew by. If you are going to go to a birthing class, go to this one." - Joshua SSgt, USMC

"At first I was a bit skeptical about the classes but I am so glad we decided to take them from Julie. I no longer feel nervous about the birth process. Now U feel prepared and that I know what to expect and how I ca be a support to my wife. I'm very impressed with these classes and Julie's ability to teach The Bradley Method® in a fun and interesting way." - Daniel J.

"This class made me much more educated regarding birth and labor, I think the whole notion of the class is to make you feel very positive about natural birth. There were no negative birth stories and there is always a feel good attitude when you leave class. Highly recommend to all dads." - Tim

"As a Husband I am much more confident and prepared to support my wife in childbirth. I feel much better equipped to handle the journey of childbirth. it was very enlightening and educational as a first time dad." - Yogesh T.